Friday, April 20, 2007

7 months

This is the Zodiac speaking...


This is the Zodiac speaking...

Tomorrow, Red and Jonny are going to see one of their favorite bands.


Red introduced Jonny To VNV when they met.... They quickly became Jonny's favorite band too. Great Irish/English industrial dance music. The more we grew to know about them, the more we loved them. When we'd look up the lyrics to their songs, we'd love the song even more. We never theought for one second we'd ever see them live....theyre mostly a European band....but we found them on Myspace...and they sent a a bulletin saying theyre touring..and coming to Toronto!... We bought the tickets 2 months ago.....and the day has finally come. We get to see them tomorrow. IN 26 hours!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!+++++

So we're gonna watch a movie tonight, .....
Children of men....

get a good sleep....

and head off to Toronto tomorrow. Might catch Hot Fuzz before the show...just to get out of the sun for a bit. Reds been having a tough time with the weather getting warmer. Since as we all know, she's a Redhead who's pale white as a bag of milk.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Leçons de Québeçois 101


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Finally some half decent shots from the new transformers movie.

..believe it or not...cant wait to see this film.

Found these lil viddies on youtube of Cos play transformer fans....

cool...but very very very geek. Watching this... I dont feel like a Geek for collecting star wars toys. heheh.

Movie matine'

Went to see grindhouse with Meg and Nick early....4:0'clock show. We tried calling Dawn..but she wouldnt answer her cell phone.
was just awsome... Loved every second of it. Really funny disgusting scenes in Planet Terror... Red hid her eyes alot during this one.
Death Proof was just one super badass chicks getting revenge flick. The last half is the best....WOW, the riding on the hood of the car part was freaking me out...I just couldnt figure out how she hung onto that hood for soo long and at the speed they were doing it. Both films are filled with little references to both directors other lines from Sin city, or Kill Bill, Kurt Russles shirt from Big trouble in little china....
The fake trailers were sooo funny it was hard to stop laughing from the one into the other. HAnds down the best one was for a film called DON'T! I think that trailer was made by
Edgar Wright the guy who directed Shaun of the of our all time favorite movies.
We all agree that Grindhouse was F*cking Awsome start to finish. And the 3 hours and 20 minutes just fly by....
On our way out of the theater ...we ran into Cuz'n Mike..who was on his way in to see it. Funneh. We woulda invited him with us...but we didnt have his phone number yet.
Meg was a little tired after the we all parted ways. Red and I bought 2 movies on the way home : Bon cop Bad Cop and Marie Antoinette. We've seen them both, we just wanted to add the to the library.
I wanna go see it again..

A very good commercial

Thursday, April 05, 2007

old doodles

Megs getting better

Well...Looks like Megs getting a little better. Uncle Reg is taking care of her ( he's a Doctor) So we feel alot better that she feels better(ish) There's something seriously wrong with the world when a beautiful girl like Meg gets sick like that.. We dropped by yesterday to see how she's doing...brought her a stack of movies...and some pictures of her when she came to one of our parties...
then I realized I never posted any pictures of that I looked through the party folder and picked a few to post here. YAh..that night was crazy you can see... a few drinks and Red broke out the wig collection, the hat collection and the crinoline collection...
and then naturally... lightsabre fights broke out....
typical Red and jonny party. :]

Tomorrow we're gonna go see Grind House with Meg and Nick. Should be ( WILL BE ) alot of fun..we've been waiting for this film for a while now. And from what we've seen in the trailors..its gonna kick more ass than a Ten legged man in an ass kicking contest.

Tonight we're just gonna stay in and watch a mooftie. ( Harsh Times) We stopped by the video store and saw our friend Awsome Dawn. We talked with her for a bit, invited Dawn to come tomorrow..but it sounded like she has plans...So we'll try and hook up with her later. ( Cant wait to hang out with that chick...she seems reeally cool. )