Sunday, October 15, 2006

Toy Show Dinner and Subway ride....

Went to the toy show was pretty cool...LOTS of star wars stuff...Lill over priced.... but hey,

SO we grabbed a Storm Trooper helmet, some old star wars glasses, and a Barbie case.

Good scores, and

haggled them all down, she's brilliant.
Then we went out and grabbed some food in T.O.
It was Korean Barbicue, and there was a cooking grill at the table, we cooked our own food, had warm Sake....and a too sweet bubble tea.
Then we went to Reds Condo, left our stuff there, and then practiced going to where her training coarse was on the Subway....lil confusing, but we did it.
Red and I havent been apart in 2 years, so this is a little weird for us being apart for 3 weeks.

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  1. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Thank you. Thank you. Momma loves the pictures of where the Joygirl is because I can think about the space that she is in for the next three weeks.
    I am of course, being the motherly thing and all, I will be forgiven for whispering softly about my fears for the Joygirl, just a tiny bit worried about the waif (I know, I know the warrior within but I hope the warrior sleeps within as she is not needed)on the mean streets of Toronto!!!
    Talk to Momma when you can as Momma does the silly worry thing!!
    Love you both buckets and buckets!