Monday, October 16, 2006

Shoes and Goat Milk

Well, first night without Red went okay..managed to get to sleep around Midnight.....lil late for work, but it was because I forgot to bring Reds bag of shoes and had to turn back.. ( Red forgot a bag of shoes in the car, and a beautiful girl in the big city; simply cannot get by on one pair of shoes.
So after work, I grabbed 3 cartons of Goats Milk, 2 bags of the best cheesies ever made...and drove to Toronto. Made it just in time for Corrie! Watched Corrie with Red, cuddled on the couch, snuggled and spooned. Then I left after Jeopardy, felt guilty for leaving her there the whole drive home...... got home in time for Heros, called Red....shes ok, We're watcing hero's, and calling each other at the commercials.

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