Sunday, October 15, 2006

REDs new JOb

Red has a new job now...SHe works for the ministry of Environment!
She looks really really sexy in her uniform. I dont have a picturre of it yet...but Im working on it :] They gave her a huge truck and her own office...she can even write people tickets! I'm SOOOOooooooo proud of her.
So...Today,...Red is going for an intencive 3 week training coarse in Toronto...
Yes 3 weeks...
We havent been away from each other for more than a day in 2 years...
so this is gonna be rough. :(

Today, Jonny's driving red to the Condo they've rented for her ....Hopefully we'll also have time to check out the Toronto Toy show too, Mel and Bernie are gonnna be there too, and we really want to meet up with them later. Hopefully we'll also meet up with Brian later, and Red wants to see the movie Marie Antoinette We're up early to try and fitt it all in. We're pretty sure we saw all the Corrie's this we're not taping the sunday marathon.
Red's eating her cereal right now, yelling at the TV about Sonita " all she does is complain , and push Dev away...I hate these scenes!" yells red as she takes her cereal bowl to the kitchen.... LOL.
Gonna go grab a shower, charge the camera battery and head out.

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  1. Anonymous6:43 AM

    Momma is also so proud of her girl for bravely taking on the responsibilities of her new job and the wedding at the same time.
    I have every confidence that the new job will turn out just as well as the wedding did.
    I also want to thank my Joygirl for sticking by her Momma's story yesterday and being the superstrong person that she is.
    There are few people in one's life that always insist on looking on the problems and seek to blame everyone else for those problems but just one of them can take the fun out of things for a bit.
    But they can't be allowed to take the joy out of our time together.
    When you get back from your study session and you and Jonny have had some time to yourselves, we will all sit down and oh and ah over your wedding pictures as we should have been able to do without the guilt trip.
    Gonna' miss my Joygirl like crazy but Momma is just a phone call away and it will all be happy thoughts and happy words for my Jonny and Red.
    Love you bunches and Hugs