Saturday, August 18, 2007

Stormtroopers in the corn.

Jonny got the job

This is just awsome. Jonny got hired as a photographer today.
BECAUSE of the Stormtroopers in Love photo's. The guy didnt care about a resume, did'nt even want to see it...he was such a fan of the Stormtroopers in love photos, and meeting Jonny in person. That he hired Jonny on the spot.


We're heading out now to take more photo's to celebrate!

Friday, August 17, 2007

A little update on stuff

Yesterday was our 11 month anniversary!

So we heard back from the CBC, they're going to call us in September when they start taping the show. SWEET! and they said we could arrange a time before hand to come down and get a proper/personal tour of the CBC and studios for helmet photo's. WOW eh? pretty cool man.
Our publisher sent us some examples of Book proposals, so we're gonna work on something over the weekend.

All very exciting. We are just thrilled. We have a ton of new idea's for pictures which we're brainstorming for the weekend as well. Its been one hell of a week and its just getting better and better.

Jonny's been working on a drawing for Gramma Verna. She wanted Jonny to do a drawing for a memorial card after she passes away. ( which won't happen for a long long time, but Verna wants to be prepared) Jonny's finally finished one that Red absolutely Loves, ...So we'll see what Verna thinks of it on Sunday when we go to see her for Lunch.

Three Witches.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Stormtroopers in love.... The Book?

Well, it just gets more exciting as the week goes by. We're talking to a book publisher right now, who's very excited about publishing a book about our photo's. Jonny's looked at the company's site, and they publish alot of books that we've seen before. So it looks like this is the Real deal and will really happen.

And Jonny's gotten a Job offer as a photographer because of the photo's.... Going to meet with them this week. :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

111 photos / 200,329 views

Our Stormtroopers in love photo's have been seen by over 200 Thousand people now!.. Pretty cool man. I mean, for something Red and I do to make each other laugh....thats pretty impressive.

We also made it to the CBC website :

Monday, August 13, 2007


A lady named Hilary from THE CBC! tracked us down via youtube this morning.... and wrote us this:

Hey guys. Love the stormtrooper photo series. I work for a tv show in Toronto that runs a feature segment on interesting people with quirky/unusual habits. I'd love to hear a little more about the stormtrooper obsession (?) and your other projects, to see if we can build a piece around you two.

WOW!... hope its legit. It would be awsome to be on The CBC. Wont get too excited yet....we'll see how all this goes. I wrote her back a couple of paragraphs about Red and I...about how we met, and our art work and how much fun we have together. I hope this works out to be something really cool. RedandJonny on Televison!
keep your fingers crossed for us! I'll update when I have more info.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Oh my God!!!Oh my God!!!Oh my God!!!

Our Stormtroopers in Love pictures are on the Front Page of the Official Star Wars Blog!!!

We're getting inter-famous!


our Stormtrooper's in Love pictures got picked up by another site. This time by a site called Boing Boing.

Click here to check it out:

Friday, August 10, 2007

Hot Stormtroopers in love

BB pal Bonnie says,

Red and Jonny are are married artists who live in Ontario, Canada -- who like to photograph themselves wearing stormtrooper helmets frolicking on the beach and in the grocery store. If you're the type of fan who likes to look at bikini girls wearing stormtrooper helmets, then you're in luck.
Link. I think some of my favorite photos from these guys are in their "Country Stormtroopers" photoset: Link. Absolute faves: one and two.

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Since this morning, Our flickr page has been getting 1000 hits every minute.

We're Inter-famous!!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

English Beat @ the Festival of Friends!


The best ska band of all time is coming to Hamilton! The English Beat will be playing at the festival of friends at 9:30 PM.
I got my best Fred Perry picked out and I'm Polishing my Doc's right now!

Dont run with sharp objects

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Went to the beach today

We went to the Binbrook Conservation Area today. We had no idea there lay this big lake, only a 10 minute drive from home. Jonny actually went swimming with me! Fun. We couldn't resist the excellent photo opportunity, check out our flickr page for the full set: