Friday, August 17, 2007

A little update on stuff

Yesterday was our 11 month anniversary!

So we heard back from the CBC, they're going to call us in September when they start taping the show. SWEET! and they said we could arrange a time before hand to come down and get a proper/personal tour of the CBC and studios for helmet photo's. WOW eh? pretty cool man.
Our publisher sent us some examples of Book proposals, so we're gonna work on something over the weekend.

All very exciting. We are just thrilled. We have a ton of new idea's for pictures which we're brainstorming for the weekend as well. Its been one hell of a week and its just getting better and better.

Jonny's been working on a drawing for Gramma Verna. She wanted Jonny to do a drawing for a memorial card after she passes away. ( which won't happen for a long long time, but Verna wants to be prepared) Jonny's finally finished one that Red absolutely Loves, ...So we'll see what Verna thinks of it on Sunday when we go to see her for Lunch.

Three Witches.

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