Sunday, December 10, 2006

Wigs,all day breakfast and Ansel Addams

So we woke up early(ish) on Saturday

....jumped in the car and went to TorOnto to go see the Ansel Addams show at the AGO. We were gonna go see it with Brian, but he was we walked down to our favorite all day breakfast place..JAVA. Had our usual, Jonny had eggs...Red had French toast. YUM!!++

Then walked down Queen W, dropped by the costume factory again, and bought that white wig that Red tried on when we were here for Halloween, it was the last one and it was on sale! wow@!
The AGO was just up the street, so we went to check out the Ansel Addams and Alfred Eisenstaedt show. ( 2 photographers) managed to take a few pix in the show and a small viddie before Security told me to put the camera away before they delete all my pix. heheh...
by the time we got out, it was already we walked back to the car, on the way we found some bootleg dvds, 3 fo 10 dolla!
SO we're gonna watch the new James bond movie in the morning after Coronation Street. ( Hopefully, Sunday might end up being a busy day.)
I'd like to put up some Christmas lights today if I can..but we'll see what Red has planned for me...uhm, I mean us. :]

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