Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Licenced to Marry

Yes, we got our licence yesterday...YAY!!!++ It was really quite easy, and the lady was super nice. We also put a deposit down on the minister, havent met her yet, but he guy who runs the chappel was really really cool and funny, and said he would try and find us a female minister. Apparently the female ministers tend to be very "traditional" and wont do non religious cerimonies. ( I found that rather funny)

After all that, we were still on time to watch the ENGLAND vs Sweden match. Have to say it was the best match I've seen yet. England were solid, Cole's goal had to be one of the sharpest kick's I've seen. Pity they got tired in the last half and let the swede's get 2 sad goals. Call it English charity. Red let me buy a Chelsea Football Club Jersy to Celebrate. ( I look quite sharp in it. :)

Today it was back to work.

We got 2 replies back on the invites. Auntie Jean and Ray are coming!!!
Jennifer and Mike arn't coming...(I guess something really really important came up. ) Oh well, would have been nice to see them again.
Hope the rest of you will make an effort to come.

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