Sunday, June 18, 2006


Since its so hot today...
and yah...
I thought I'd post our christmas picture. Every year, for the christmas parade in Caledonia...Santa starts off in our court yard.

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  1. Anonymous4:29 PM

    the bunny warren....a land reclaimation!!!
    Love Momma

    When Denise was little her Momma fell victim to all the Santa
    propaganda and Denise has all the pictures of her and Santa to prove
    It is a difficult thing to overcome and even worse as a Mother I too
    enjoy all the benefits of the 'holiday' created 'just for me' by
    Look at how successful that little economic advertising ploy became.
    Second biggest retail day or something like that.
    Anyway you can bet that Santa does not ask little children if they are
    making gifts for Mommy and Daddy or their two Mommies or whatever
    reality the little one faces.
    But this was about the weather.
    Yes, it is very hot and Denise is thinking wedding favours and how to
    make a truckload of them without turning her house into a small
    We're going to be subversive and make them ourselves.
    Shows that my girl has learned a thing or two even with all that damage
    I might have done with the Santa visits.
    Love Momma