Thursday, May 25, 2006

thursday 24 o6

So the blockade is over....

Red and I were there for
most of what happened
on Monday.

<--This is of red on the side lines with a bannana in her pocket.. Red hated the woman on her left on several levels for her comments.

Jonny's video he shot at the front lines, he posted it at Youtube
( copy link and paste in browser) :

..Anyways, Today....

Were just getting home, we registered at "Home outfitters" ....Everything there is crazy expencive...300$ for a duvet cover!??!?! Holy Moly! So we walked around, found 12 things that we liked...nothing too expensive..(except for maybe the shiatsu back massager.. hehehe. Jonny almost fell asleep in the demo chair. Its sweet. Not expecting anyone to get it..but if they do. :D they;ll get an extra special thank you card. heheh. )

Red's still working on a good proto type of the invites. We're gonna make them ALL this weekend. I know its kinda late, weddings in 4 months..but We want them to look right. And if you've got plans 4 months ahead of now, we just cant relate to you. HEHHE.

It's late, almost 9. We're going to bed for work soon. And I've got episodes of "LOST" to find on the inter-web.



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