Friday, May 26, 2006

Friday 26 06

Heres a few pix from Jonny's birthday...May10/06

It was an awsome day... Great soup, spring rolls, avacado shakes, light sabers jedi star fighters....

Anyways... Onto today.

Red went to Her French Grandmothers sisters husband funeral. Reds grandmother died 7 days after she was born, so Red felt a connection. Thought's of her grandmother are comforting.
Red spent most of the day with The French side of the family, and then went back to work for a couple of hours... Jonny spent the day at work, was the victem of a good practicle joke in which he was convinced he had broken his bosses windshield. The whole shop was in on it.

At home now, we have a movie to watch, The Corpse Bride :) gonna make some invites, play some vnv nation and dance around the house. We're sifting through our 17 gig's of music to find the tunes we want at the wedding. Its a fun relaxing night.


Red'n Jonny

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