Thursday, April 18, 2013

Our RedandJonny Flickr Page is almost at 1 million views.

Protip:  Put an asteroid over your Death Star trench, to keep the rebels out.Redandjonny: freezing rainRedandjonny: freezing rainRedandjonny: freezing rainRedandjonny: freezing rain.Redandjonny: freezing rain.
redandjonny: freezing rainredandjonny: Cold and Windyredandjonny: freezing rain.redandjonny: freezing rain.redandjonny: freezing rain.Painting my toenails
Redandjonny: mossy stumpredandjonny: Mossy Stumpredandjonny: mossy stumpredandjonny: mossy stumpWe're in The Grand River Sacham!  Cool eh?redandjonny: The Hamilton Spectator
Equality.Redandjonny:  That ship in LincolnDid..did he call me pudgy?RedandJonny: Kewpie Doll.RedandJonny: Kewpie Doll.RedandJonny: Kewpie Doll.
I just noticed the front page of our flickr is at 999,152 views as of this writing. WOW!
LINK: RedandJonny Flickr Page
  We could hit a million by the end of the month That's pretty cool eh? 


  1. Congratulations. I just gave you folks a view. The grandiose theme photos were a blast!

    Hmm, makes me wish back in the early 80s that I never got rid of my 'Don Post' Darth Vader helmet which I traded a friend for a stormie helmet which I then later traded for junk. I always felt that I was incomplete with only a helmet and no way to achieve a full costume/uniform being that there was no Internet along with minimum cash flow back in the eighties as a young teen. Sigh.

    And, I never had a cool, tolerant, funny, and hip girlfriend who allowed me to happily come out of the geek closet anyways.

    Speaking of which ... more congratulations on getting over the minor newlywed humps (saw the show, laughing at loud) and obviously keeping the love strong. Maybe the stormtrooper helmets are your replacement 'grownup hats'.
    Best of a fun life for you two silly 'bucketheads.'