Friday, May 09, 2008

Looking back on the year....

I get one year older tomorrow. Looking back over this year... I gotta say that I've never been happier in my entire life. I am married to the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my life. She is so smart and funny its hard to keep up. I've never met anyone in my life that I've aspired to be like the way I am with Red. She is everything I want to be and more. I can't believe that I'm married to her. Red was the one that got away. You know what I mean... we all have those people rolling around in our brain. We meet and talk to hundreds of people a year, but there are those few that make an impression and rattle around in you brain for a life time. There's the one person who dies on you, that sets the precedent for your whole life of how you deal with death... There's the first time you fall in love and they break your heart, and your relationships from then on are marked and compared too that one... And then there's the one who got away. That one person in your life. You loved like no other. They make films about this...and she's always the head cheer leader girl. That one unattainable person...who is just too beautiful and perfect. That one person who you decide deserves someone better than you. That person you carry around in your brain forever. The one you never tell your spouse about. The one you imagine when you close your eyes... the one who is always in your dreams.

Imagine dreaming about her for 8 years. and then finding her...and finding out she felt the exact same way about you...( like it was some extended three's company misunderstanding episode) and then actually marrying her. I'll tell you right now. Everyday feels like a dream. Every single day I wonder if I am the kid from " I AM THE CHEESE"....I wonder if she is my Tyler Durden.... AM I completely insane and I live in a house out in the middle of no where and talk to myself all day? Cuz thats how it seems.

The first rule of project mayhem is...
Don't let anyone know how happy you are.

How can life all of a sudden be so perfect? To be amazing? To be everything that you thought could only happen to people on TV?

I'll tell you how:

Believe in magic.

Trust your instincts, no matter how insane they seem.

Don't Jump, but walk confidently off on every cliff ...You will learn how to swim on the way down.

Follow your heart... True Love is the meaning of life.

( I am an old me on this)

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