Sunday, April 27, 2008

We did our interview

So yesterday we did our interview for Newly Wed Nearly Dead. associate producer for the show came over with a camera and sat us down and talked with us for about 3 hours. First interview was of us together. Where we told our story of how we met, what we do what we think of being married.....then she did interviews with us on our own, and asked us the big questions. What does your spouse do that annoys you and all that. We had a really great time and laughed a lot. So apparently that was an audition tape of sorts. Heather now goes back and edits it down and then presents our video to the slice network....If they like us, then then come back and film us for 5 days. I hope we get on... It was kinda tough to come up with things that actually bug me about Red, so my things sounded kinda petty. I'm also a little concerned that we looked too happy to be on the show. Heather even mentioned that she thought it was so inspiring that we are still so happily married and crazy in love with each other. We won't hear back from them for a couple of weeks apparently... So we'll just keep our fingers crossed and get back to our regular routine.

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