Thursday, April 03, 2008

Red's story.

When I came home the other day.. Red had this story to tell.

Red went to this really cool little toy store in Hamilton called Kool Stuff( ) to buy me a birthday present.
( YAY!!)
We've been there before together, and bought a bunch of original stormtrooper figures. and I bought my Jumbo Machinder there.

Anyways... Red goes in and she's talking to the guy who owns the store, Jeff and she's saying how she's looking for a present for her husband. And Jeff says...
"so what does he like?" Red says "well pretty much anything star wars...mostly stormtroopers". Then she mentions, sorta off hand.. that we have a stormtrooper helmet and take photos with it on all the time.
Jeff stops and says.. " Thats you?!??"

... He then asked
"So you're a newlywed?"
He got married last September.
Jeff tells Red about his wedding and how friends dressed in Star Wars costumes... Darth Vader and Queen Amidala.
Then he says.. "Hey, do you wanna see my wedding photos"? Red says ..."Sure!"
Jeff says.. "Cool, I only live 5 minutes away. I'll be right back!" and he leaves Red in charge of his store! People were coming in and Red was greeting the costumers.... ...and They were looking at her like WTF? and asking "where's Jeff "
said he'll be right back. Then he comes back after 5 mintutes... and shows Red his wedding album. She said It was just awesome! There was this one a picture she loved, with a huge group of children. He then told Red that those were all these kids who had stayed with him and his wife, since they take in children as foster parents. He said that his wife is a social worker and child entertainer. Before owning the store and working there full time, he worked with children too. Red said he is the sweetest nicest man she ever met in her life...He starts telling her how much he loves our photos, and how friends have emailed him saying.." they live around you..have you met these people?" They talked about star wars for a while...Apparently he is a huge snow trooper fan. Then he asked that we come back and bring a stormtroopers in love autographed photo for his store.

Isn't that the coolest thing ever? I love how our photos have created little moments like that. I can't wait to go to the store with Red and shake his hand and say "Hi,."

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