Wednesday, April 16, 2008

19 Months!

Today is our 19 month anniversary!

19 has a been a fun one. Red was recognized at a toy store... Dude turned 3 months, We are playing email tag with a TV show. We're getting use to the fact that TV people always reschedule. Meredith from Newly wed Nearly Dead seems to really want to see us still. So we're confident. I can't see why they wouldn't pick us...Geeks like us make good TV.

Michelle, (Reds Maid of honour) had a baby girl. Mikala.

Went to a comic show with Meg and Derek. Meg and I went to Sneeky Dee's for a drink. As we were sitting at the bar, Some guy came up behind us. Megan looked back, then tapped me. I looked back... Holy SHit! It was Charles! He didn't realize until that moment it was us either.... He was only there to talk to the bartender cuz he lost his jacket and cellphone in the bar the night before.
It was hilarious... A real Life WTF?OMG! moment.
We talked, Had a drink, Then Meg and I met Derek at the comic show......It was.. meh...
We all met up later at charlies house and had a great time.

Dude had his Rabies shot today... Took it like a champ.

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