Saturday, March 15, 2008

the smell of the cheesies.....

So we sent off our answers to the Newly Wed show questionnaire... Hope we get picked. It was kinda hard to think of things that " annoy" me about Red...So I hope the things I said don't sound too petty. My main complaint was that when she eats cheesies, she tends to chew with her mouth open and chews them really loud, to the point where I have to turn up the volume on the TV...and the smell of the cheesies themselves make me want to puke. Thats pretty much the most annoying thing she does....
Red wouldn't let me see her answers...So I have no idea what I do that bugs her about me....But I can imagine.

We went to IKEA last weekend....

and took some new shots...check em out on our flickr page.

We received an email from a flickr fan of ours, HamCam. aka (Phil)...he's a camera man for CHCH tv... He said he's talking to his managers to see if we can come into the station to do a stormtroopers in love photo shoot behind the scenes at CHCH. Then he said... He's talking to Alex Reynolds ...( the guy who does the film reviews for CHCH ) to see if it would be cool for us to be with him when he does his review of the Clone Wars animated film thats coming out in August.
Nothings for sure yet... but wow is that cool. I hope at least one of those things happens.... fingers crossed. Pretty awesome eh? Phil seems like a really cool guy, after our TV interview he wrote us saying how he wished he could have been the camera man for our interview, cuz he was a fan of our flickr page for a while now... but he was off that day. Definitely looking forward to meeting him.
Other than that.... We've just been hanging out with the Dude.

Cant wait for all this snow to go away....

We bought a bottle of Chartreuse the other night.. Its now one of our favorite drinks. Taste's a lot like absinthe, with too much sugar in it. And a really nice after taste of 130 herbs. Has quite a punch too it too... It was a weird experience.

Liking this new band Vampire Weekend:

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