Monday, January 14, 2008

We're in Star Wars Insider #99 !!!!!


I just checked the mail, and there was this thick envelope marked air mail. Drove back to the house as quick as possible without breaking any laws or landspeed records... Woke Red up. ( yah, its late, I've just gotten off the nightshifts so I'm up and she's sleeping) Tore open the package and there they were! Five copies of issue #99...the bounty hunter edition.
Our interview is near the back in the mail bag section. Its a page and a half!! SWEEEEEEEEEEEEET! I cant believe I'm acctually holding it my hands.
We both cheered and kissed a lot, got all giggly and clapped our hands...
The interview is great! They mentioned we are from Caledonia...and I got my CBC plug in too! LOL!! They didn't use my Chuck Palahniuk quote though, ...but who cares now? We did it! Our little inside joke got us into the Star Wars Insider magazine. I gotta say... I owe it all to the greatest wife in the world.... Red made all this possible by being so damn cool.
The greatest woman a geek like me could ever marry.

Guess I should also thank:

Jonny's Mom: thanks mom for taking me to star wars over and over again and buying me a fortune's worth of toys, which helped fund George Lucas to make the rest of the films.. :P
For buying the lightsabers for our wedding and not thinking for a second there was anything wrong with that. Youre the greatest mom. We love you.

Red's Mom: For being so supportive of our crazy idea and actually putting on the helmet along with us.

Quake3world forums: where we posted our photos first, the only people we shared them with. And the ones who convinced us to get a flickr account.

Knuttz gallery: The first site on the internet to post our photo's.

Boing Boing: For posting our photos and driving 1000 hits a minute to our flickr account.

CBC: for using our photos on their websites...That was a dream come true for us. We woulda been happy with just that.

Jonathan Wilkins: Editor of Star Wars Insider magazine...For being such a cool guy. and admitting that he's a huge Coronation Street fan too.

George Lucas: For making such excellent movies and toys.

and special thanks to Little Edie: We know you had something to do with it showing up thank you Edie. :)

Flickr friends:
Pizzo, our first flickr friend.
Boopsie daisy: The most amazing artist we've ever seen. We are thrilled and amazed every time we see her comment on our photo's. She's been a huge inspiration for us.
Woman,Fire & Dangerous things: Our hero. A true Stormtrooper.
When we grow up, we wanna be just like him. Always supportive, The first and only to write a testimonial about us....The first to let us know about our interview had been printed and scanned a copy of it to show us... and he made us a card back for future redandjonny figures! The guy is too cool for words.

The magazine will be in store's on Thursday. Its the one with Boba Fett on the cover. So buy 2!

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