Tuesday, January 22, 2008

First look at "CHOKE"

As everyone knows...Chuck Palahniuk is my favorite author. In fact he's written the best books I've ever read ...Period. I love every single one of them to death and have read them all several times... Two of them over 5 times.. ( Fight Club and Diary)

Well, the film version of CHOKE... his most successful book. Has been made into a film and is premiering at Sundance this month.

Here's a small peak:

I love it.. I'm all over this film.. I would stand in line for it right now if I could.

Here's a decent Plot synopsis I cut from wiki:

Plot summary

Choke follows Victor Mancini and his friend Denny through a few months of their lives with frequent flashbacks to the days when Victor was a child.[1] Victor grew up while going from one foster home to another. Victor's mother was found to be unfit to raise Victor. Several times throughout his childhood his mother would kidnap him from his various foster parents. They would eventually be caught and he would again be remanded over to the government child welfare agency.

In the present day setting of the book, Victor is now a man in his mid-twenties who left medical school in order to find work to support his mother who is now in a nursing home. He cannot afford the care that his mother is receiving so he resorts to being a con man. His "con" is to go to restaurants and midway through his meal, he forces himself to choke on his food. When some good Samaritan comes over to perform the Heimlich maneuver, he spits the food out and thanks them for saving his life. He keeps a detailed list of everyone who saves him and sends them frequent letters about fictional bills he is unable to pay. The people feel so sorry for him that they give him money, send him cards and letters asking him about how he's doing, and even continue to send him money to help him with the bills.

While growing up, Victor's mother taught him numerous conspiracy theories and obscure medical facts which both confused and frightened him. It is because of this and his constant moves from one home to another that has left Victor unable to form lasting and stable relationships with women. Victor therefore finds himself getting sexual gratification from women in sexual addiction support groups.

As Choke is episodic in character, individual chapters deal with different aspects of the narrator's life and the lives of those around him.

Much of Palahniuk’s research on Choke was conducted with total strangers at the gym and actual sexual addiction groups who upon hearing that he was writing about sexual addictions offered up their own personal stories

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