Monday, November 19, 2007

14 months

Friday was our 14 month wedding anniversary.

We went with Momma Dana and Enrie swimming on Saturday at the YMCA pool near Dana's house. It was fun, Red will take any opportunity she can get to go swimming. I love watching her swim around....The look on her face is priceless....shes just sooo happy to be in water. We really need to find a local indoor pool.

On Sunday Momma came to our house to help Red study....but we went and took some more RedandJonny shots instead. We really wanted to take some shots to show its Fall, and we wanted some shots in the River before it gets too cold. So we dressed up nice, Red brought a Prom Dress for a second outfit..grabbed the hip waders and drove down the road to the bridge. There was a great little hill by the fire dept. So we took some
in leaves shots... Reds look more like shes dead in a pile of leaves.

The River.
I'll just say now...We really shoulda done this in the summer time.
I put red on my back, camera round my neck and carried her out to the middle of the bridge. Half way there...I began to realize that the rubber hip waders we bought at a church garage sale in Hagersville for five dollars....were
not water waterproof. Freezing cold Water was pouring into the boots and I was past the point of no return. So I just grit my teeth and dealt with it....We took shots until the sun went all I'd say for about 20 minutes I carried Red in her lavender Prom Dress around the river with a tripod in one hand and a stormtrooper helmet in the other; she was laughing her head off the whole time. I loved it.
We got some great shots .

Check out our
flickr page for all the new ones.
we'll definitely do it again............ in the summer.

Momma got some brilliant shots of us from the shore...

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