Monday, October 15, 2007

Huge Wave

This guy must have Jedi Skills.

yes that a real wave...a real big wave.

We've just been tearing down wallpaper in the kitchen this week.

Nothing too exciting. Messy messy work. Washing the walls and prepping for paint. We still cant really agree on what color. Jonny wants Black....Red wants anything but black.

CBCradio3 sent us some t-shirts and beer cozies in the mail.

Which was really nice of them. and they were perfect fits for both of us..which is rare. John from cbc radio3 as you know from previous posts is a big fan of our photos...and Showed it by sending us some great swag: 2 -shirts and some CBC beer cozies. funneh!i! They're weird raccoon/bird and goat/bird prints... and we LOVE em and put them on the moment we opened the package.
Theres more photos of us wearing them on our flickr page.

We voted....

Red finally converted Jonny
and we voted the same this time. We took a few photos of the day....they wouldnt let us take photos in the voting area. ( serves me right for asking..I shoulda just taken the photo like I always do..) oh well. Red wants to save them so we're not putting them on flickr.

Oh yah, and we were at a garage sale the other week..

..and bought an old newspaper...but inside it was a weeks worth of the spectator , the globe and mail and the star during the Kennedy assassination. All the papers are in great condition. Not sure what we're gonna do with them.

Getting ready for fall....

Cleaning up the yard....Taming the creeping vines that are enveloping the house. Pulling them off is like peeling an orange.
Cutting down some trees. Sad to see them go....but its better to cut them down before they fall down on something expensive. Hydro killed them in the summer when the cut the tops off..they died a slow death. So Jonny cut most of the bottom branches off
to prepare them for the chainsaw. We'll cut them down in a week or two when we have more time.

Oh yah...



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