Sunday, September 16, 2007

Our one year wedding Anniversary

Today we have been officially married one year! So we Decided to put on our wedding clothes and go to Niagara Falls today to take some photos. It was a great day....We brought the helmets naturally..Unfortunately we were trying something new and our camera was putting itself on the wrong setting so a lot of our pics came out too dark... We're gonna work on them to see if we can lighten them up. But as we were taking shots...people kept coming up to us to take our picture, or to pose with us....a lot of them wanted to pose with us without the helmets. They were all saying how beautiful Red looked. and what a gorgeous couple we were.... There was one man who came up to take our picture...then asks if we speak french...Sos speaks to him in french...and he says...This picture..."this picture is for Paris." Then we ask him if he wanted one with us with the helmets on....he takes it reluctantly...and then comes back and says..."that one...That one is not for paris."
Then a while later.... this one group came up to us, a Chinese couple who were here in Canada for school ....and said "Hey We know you from your photos!"... You were in the Beijing newspaper!.
We were like..."Beijing China?" and he said "yes." And then began describing all our photos...He said he loved the beach ones best...
so we talked with them for a bit, they introduced us to the girls Mother, Who didn't speak English, but was very sweet...Then we took some photos together. They were really nice people. The guy , who's name was Han. said he would try and email us a scan of the news paper. Wow... What are the odds of that? Guy see's us in a Newspaper in China....then runs into us at Niagara falls.
Crazy. ...
So we walked some food at the flying saucer restaurant. Then took the long way home.

A great day....celebrating a great year. Best of our lives.
Its great to be married to your best friend....especially if they're the sexiest most beautiful person you ever met in your life.

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  1. Anonymous7:50 AM

    Your life stories are always magic.
    How proud I am of you two!