Sunday, July 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Red!!!

Red turned 31 today~!
So Red turned 31 today. We slept in, had a nice cuddle...and slowly got ready for a full day. First we went, to pick up Momma, then we went to meet Dana at her work..where Dana had a Ton of Presents waiting for Red. Then we hung around the store for a bit talking to Dana, where Dana let Red walk around the store and pick out anything else she might like.
Then we hopped in the car and Drove to Niagra falls. We stopped off at a beautiful greenhouse full of Orchids. Then we went out for some Pizza...and then to the Butterfly garden. Soon as we walked in , Butterflies were landing on everyone...Except Red. After about an hour of could see it was really starting to bug red. ( no pun intended). At one point a butterfly landed on our camera...We didnt get a pic of that...but Momma did. Then Jonny coaxed a Butterfly onto his finger. As he tried to pass it to Red...It flew away. Red was NOT impressed. On our way out, Red see's a large butterfly on the wall...and manages to get it on her finger, as Jonny lifts the camera for a picture, the butterfly flies into reds face, scaring the hell out of her.
Which is this picture here:

Jonnys favorite picture of the day.
Then we drove slowly home down back roads, through Niagra on the lake. We stopped off at a Chocolate shop where red got the biggest Peanut butter cup ever. Red put a little candle in it, and we all sung happy birthday.

When we got home, Jonny had a large Chocolate cake waiting for red. Some swim goggles, a floating mattress, and a swimming pool.

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