Sunday, June 17, 2007

9 month Anniversary

Red and Jonny have been married 9 months now.
On this day to celebrate, we went to the Haggersville town wide garage sale. We bought some art books, some wader boots and then we participated in an auction. It took most of the day for them to get to the things we wanted. Which were old photgraphs. Jonny really wanted a box of old photo albums. ( jonny collects old photographs ) When the auctioneer came to them....He announced they were not going to sell them, and if anyone wanted them, they could have them. Jonny took the whole box. In it was the entire life of the Brown family, from the early twenties, when Helen margret Nickoles was a little girl, to when she met Donald Brown...the were both in the service, Donald was in the airforce, Helen played in the USO in an all girl jazz band called the Starlettes. After the war they opened a grocery store in Haggersville and had a son named Kirk. Helen continued to play her jazz trumpet with the Starlettes They took lots of pictures of their life...had lots of friends and loved to have parties, dress up in costumes. They traveled alot. Kirk grew up and had 3 redheaded girls . Donald health was deteriating, he road around on a skooter chair, then wore an oxygen mask...the last photo album ends with a picture of Donalds grave. I guess Helen didnt want to take anymore photos after Don passed. A beautiful couple with a wonderful life who stayed together their whole lives.

So we have all their photos, of their whole life. We be framing some of them to put on our walls.
We also bought Helens wedding dress, in its orriginal box. in it the a news paper of the day they were married.....

As Jonny was putting the box of photo-albums in the car ( it was a very large box... ) He heard that a beautiful old underwood typer writer was going up for auction that Jonny had his eye on... He could hear the auctioneer start at 20$....then he went down to 10$...
Jonny wanted to run back to tell red to bid on it...but he was struggling with the box the keys in his hands and the truck. Then he heard the auctioneeer say 5$.... Jonny was cursing himself for not running back in time as he heard it sell for 5 dollars.
As he got back to the auction, Jonny saw red smiling and laughing,jumping up and Down...saying I BOUGHT SOMETHING THAT NO ONE WANTED!!!...FOR FIVE DOLLARS! Jonny grabbed Red, hugged her and spun her around saying "GOD I love you baby!"

Old typerwriter 5$
My beautiful witchy wife: PRICELESS.

After the auction ....
we came home.
had a nap.
and then went out with Momma to see Joel plaskett at the Burlington festival down by the waterfront.... We had a great time and took some of our typical redandjonny photos... We also ran into our cousin Jeanie down there. She was walking along the waterfront with her boyfriend, whenapparently.... he turned to Jeanie and said...

"That girl back there was wearing a stormtrooper mask
( Jonny was at Jeanies the work just the other week telling her about how that was their new thing to do)...So she knew
exactly who it was and came back to say hi. They are such a cute couple. Jeanies an angel...and her boyfriend is a really great guy.

The next day, red and I went out for some groceries...came home and made food for the week.
A great week end. and wonderful anniversary.

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