Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Red devized a fatastic surprise party for Jonny's Birthday. Apparently it was weeks in the making...invitations and Momma had the role of Diversionary tactics. It was flawlessly executed. Momma had asked weeks ago, while Red and jonny were visiting Our Grandest of Grandmothers Verna
( The most beautiful woman you could meet in a thousand lifetimes, and the closest thing to a saint us mere mortals could meet.)
....if she could take Jonny out on a birthday lunch...
Jonny said "of coarse"....( because he loves her and her company)
So Yesterday she shows up, and she suggests they go out for a drive to take pictures of Barns. Jonny loves the idea since Red and Jonny have been talking about doing that for ages. But Red, woke up feeling sick. and no amount of coaxing could make her feel better to come with....
( an Oscar winning performance if there ever was one)

So Jonny and Momma go for a drive....the slowest drive EVER. (I'd be amazed if the car ever went over 30.) Took some great pictures and saw parts of the area Jonny had never seen.
We stopped by our local for some beer/wine and snacks. Momma was concerned about Red, so Jonny phoned from the pub to see how she was....For some strange reason..Red wanted them to get their food to go and come home. Jonny was surprised and actually commented to momma how he thought he knew Red better than that, and he was sorry for supposing that she would want us to take our time. On the way out, Jonny wanted to check out the new local book store, Momma said okay. Jonny talked for a bit with the store owner...and then Jonny saw a book with the title of his favorite "SMITH'S" song -Girlfriend in a Coma- Jonny tried to buy it, but Momma insisted on paying for it. The store owner commented that Jonny was the first person to reference the Smiths in his store. :]

In the car they get, Momma driving like an insane toronto driver trapped in a small town.; laughing all the way back to the house.
Jonny opens the door, calls out to red " we're home!"
"I'm in the kitchen" yells Red.
Jonny thought that was weird. He climbs the stairs when all of a sudden a kitchen full of friends yells out
Friends family everyone who matters was there....it was awsome!
Biggest surprise of all.. Dawn was there too!. WOW!
(We'd been trying to hang out with her for about a year)
If you're looking for the Best wife in the world-She's married to Jonny.
We all had lots of fun, people even brought presents....mostly Star wars toys ( Meg and Mike got him an AT-AT!). Red bought Jonny a Fred Perry...( a beautiful argyle F.P) and Momma and Michael bought Jonny a bottle of absinthe! ( Jonnys favorite drink) There was lots of food and drink...good music and lots of laughter. Matt, Katie and Eliza came and slept over.... It was all just fantastic. ( we woke them up at 7:30 to wach Corrie) hehehe.


  1. Anonymous7:48 PM

    Happy Birthday Brent! Wish we had of received an invite for the celebration...

  2. Anonymous9:10 PM

    you guys are great fun I love you both seriously lol im starting to think its gonna work haha but ya the birthday way great i love your house its fantastic!!!!!!! and red is amazing she bakes a great pie best i have ever had. anyways its bed time night guys <3
    xoxoxoxoxo...that video store girl

  3. Anonymous7:35 AM

    So Sorry Angie, that would be my fault! Forgive me, too many things on my mind! Hope all is well with you and the kids.