Saturday, March 31, 2007


Hello all....

Sorry for lack of updates....We've been very busy bee's lately...

Lots of real life stuff going on....that demands we stay off the internet.
Jonny's working on some animation of the cartooons he draws of Red and Jonny...and Red is busy Filling her portfolio with a new direction in her photography... Its all just so exciting. Our work is growing and changing in ways we never thought possible...

Spring is a time of new growth.
Shed the old skin.
Time to take ALL those things that have gone rotten , mix them with the loose earth , plant a new seed in the center of it all..Pack em down, till the ground is firm enough to stand on, tear down that which blocks the light around so you can grow in all and any direction.

Growth begins with change.

This was the song playing in the car on the ride home yesterday:

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