Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Red bumped her head.

This is the Zodiac speaking...

Red was puttin away the lid to the rice maker.
When ...for no reason...
Jumped back out of the cup-boards. And smashed right into reds face.
just above her eye.

Yes, she could have been blinded, or worse...Killed.
So we have thrown out the rice maker...and smashed the lid.
Because as we all know, once a rice maker lid has tasted blood...
you cant trust it anymore; and it must be put down.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Litttle video of Trevor :]

This is the Zodiac speaking...

I shot a bit of video ...wasnt sure how it would work out in the light of the hospital room.. Turned out quite nice actually. So Red and I put the bits we had together and made this little Video of Trevor.

Hope you all like it.

Trevor James Evans is Born Today!

This is the Zodiac speaking...

Toady at 10:40 A.M. Trevor James Evans Arrived into this world.

Angie gave birth to a beautiful 8 pound 14 ounce boy .
James is now the happiest man in the world. Congradulations Bro.
(You are now out numbered by your children.)

Red and I arrived at the hospital kinda late, Angie was very tired, and everyone had gone home... Red was thrilled to see he was a REDHEAD! Just like Auntie Red and Grampa Billie!
So we took a few pictures and a tiny bit of video ....the light wasnt very good in the hospital I may need to touch up these pix later. I'll upload some of them now though so you all can see the latest Evans.
The one who will carry on the name.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Islamist guide to beating your wife

This is the Zodiac speaking...

This is not a joke....this is true..You cannot make up this level of stupidity.

I'm sorry if this offends you, it offends us too.

fun little webpage

This is the Zodiac speaking...


Thursday, February 15, 2007

David Lynch's new film Inland Empire

This is the Zodiac speaking...

All the different international trailers for David Lynches new film " Inland Empire"

 experimental clip. Jonny's favorite.

Room to dream :

Giant french marionette

This is the Zodiac speaking...

Only the French could be this amazing.

Our new addition to the edge contest

This is the Zodiac speaking...

Jonny thinks this is hilarious.... So we uploaded it to the 102.1 the edge contest.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Shoveling Snow on Valentines Day... part 2

This is the Zodiac speaking...
So we went back out after the plow came...and did a few more finishing touches to the drive way, and finished off what the snow plow dick didnt do....and took a few pictures.

Happy Valentines Day

This is the Zodiac speaking...

Ugh, snowed like crazy last night...Neither of us could get to work.spent the whole day shoveling. Felt like I was gonna have a heart attack when the plow finally showed up at 1pm(!?!??!)...and didnt come ANYWHERE near our drive We had another lenght of our drive way to shovel.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The fastest car you can buy ( 407.8 kilometers per hour )

This is the Zodiac speaking...

This is the British show
Top Gear ....and this is the car
"Buggati Veyron"
driven at Top Speed. Well worth a look..


( We are in no way endorcing the products of this company....
Nothing they make is in our house or on our shopping list...but we do
enjoy their woman empowering commercials)


This is the Zodiac speaking...

Finally found the video for Aerials by System of a down.

System of a Down is Reds Favorite band....Red introduced Jonny to its OUR favorite band...and We LOVE THIS SONG....and Jonny works in Aerials. funny how things like that work out.... :P

( BTW....for the old ladies....Its a loud guitar song, with valkyrie like singing.)
For the rest of us...crank up the volume for this one.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Fighting through the mess to see Mike Baldwin

Here's the viddie of me messing through the crowd to get a glimpse of the mighty

Mike Baldwin ( R.I.P ) one of the greatest men to walk the cobbles of Coronation Street.

Went to the english show today....

 sick as Jonny was ( he's coffing like a maniac, coffing gives him a headache)....We went to the British show this weekend with Nanna, Megan and Mom.... We didnt get to Meet " Mike Baldwin"..the line to shake his hand was stupid and long..... So Jonny forced his way about, suck a bit of a viddie and a decent shot of him.... Good enough for the lot. We had a drink, ate some ok fish and chips....Red loved the highland dancing..( She grabbed every pamphlet she could find....just uz she wants the dancing shoes....)_....
waiting for the video we shot to upload onto youtube...will post it in a bit.
had a great time today...looking forward to the big show in toronto. :]

Creepy baby cake

This is the creepiest cake ever made!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Spike Jones Gap commercial

We love spike Jones's Films....We stumbled across a commercial he did for the GAP. Anyone who's ever bin in a gap..can relate to this.

fourteen thousand five hundred and forty two

I just cant wrap my head around the fact its been seen that many times.

WOw...its kinda snowy today...

Pretty snowy out today..... We had plans to go pick up a scanner today, but the roads are REALLY slippery. So I guess we cant scan the article of Jonny in the Paper.
anyways...heres a few pix from today when we went to grab a movie..

Friday, February 02, 2007

Jesus Camp

We just bought this movie tonight...treated ourselves and bought a few flicks we've wanted to see for a while now.
This is the most amazing...and
un-intentionally funny movies we've ever seen.
Its all about the extreme-Right wing fundamentalist-Evangelical Christian movement; who's goal is to indoctrinate children to be Holy warriors.
It will scare the shit out of you....

If you get a chance..
buy it...steal it...but see it.

I found a few clips on youtube:

This first clip is of Rachel...a very sweet, and very messed up little girl :

This is the trailer for the movie :

This film is a must see.

How to unlock your car with a tennis ball

The Hole - video powered by Metacafe

Best country song EVER

Mothers day photo

Redneck slingshot

Removing glass from inside door prank:

amazing wave