Saturday, January 27, 2007

The interview and the cheque day

The interview went good. I pretty much told the trueth, said that it was from a joke I made with a friend in a Quake3 game forum I post in... that my dutch friend started about dontatiing to charity... :P
and then she took a pic of me out back of the house with the giraffe...showed off alot of our art work to her. I think she thinks we're a couple of nutcases by the look on her face sometimes though.
Red stayed home, she wanted to take more of her socks pictures, and make a video of her own for the contest...

So I drove off to TO to get my /OUR check, spent the whole drive wishing I had said different things to her questions...typical.
Grabbed my check, stopped by a toy store, bought a "General Grievous energy beam blaster gun" ..( yah, my first purchase was more starwars toys..) dropped by to see Brian, had a beer and a smoke...then headed off into one crazy snowstorm drive home. It took me almost 3 hours to get home. Red kept phoning me on the drive terrified I was gonna die on the highway...I told her I was fine, except when the phone rings and I have to take my hands off the wheel to answer it.. LOL.

Man this cheque looks nice.. I'll take a pic of it when my camera batteries are charged...
Gotta thank Dave again for the day off.

I was REALLY nervous about asking for another day off at work...didnt want to chance Dave would be "grumpy" in the morning...and I've seen how he react's when you ask first thing in the I wasnt gonna chance it...
so I waited 3 hours to ask. When I finally got up the nerve...I walked in to his office and said.."Uh, dave...I kinda really need the day off tomorrow, Its really important."
Then he looks at me, leans back in his chair and says...
" Why?
So you can get interviewed by the Caledonia paper for your Giraffe video?"
My jaw dropped and my eyes kinda bugged out....I didnt know what to say.
Apparently he was looking for the giraffe video, and came here to the blog to find it. And then he came across my last post about the reporter and how I was going to ask for the next day off.
He said he'd been waiting for me to ask all morning. LOL
Obviously ...he said yes. :]
Its nice having a cool boss.

Keep your fingers crossed for us...
It'd be awsome if Reds gets picked too...It makes me laugh to watch it.

think good thoughts for us...
its only 2 more weeks till the grand prize is annouced.

Which falls on our 5 month wedding anniversary.

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  1. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Smart girl. How can they not choose you and their own name over and over?
    Michael watched it and says "edgy".
    Good luck to you both. We're all watching and waiting now.
    It's become a winter event during the coldest days of winter.