Monday, January 29, 2007


Reason # 10000,00456. that I love my wife.

"thats a dolla 99..2 eleven with tax"
"We here in Pioneer!"

This is what we are

A little reminder of what we really are.

Watch this
Every once in a while...Shake your head and realize...This is truth.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Reds video is officially up!

We just checked the edge site and it looks like theyve accepted Reds viddie!!! YAY!!! Good luck baby! ( we put it up under her maiden name...just in case :P )

The vader sessions

Found this on youtube...

I just cant stop laughing.... ITs brilliant.

The interview and the cheque day

The interview went good. I pretty much told the trueth, said that it was from a joke I made with a friend in a Quake3 game forum I post in... that my dutch friend started about dontatiing to charity... :P
and then she took a pic of me out back of the house with the giraffe...showed off alot of our art work to her. I think she thinks we're a couple of nutcases by the look on her face sometimes though.
Red stayed home, she wanted to take more of her socks pictures, and make a video of her own for the contest...

So I drove off to TO to get my /OUR check, spent the whole drive wishing I had said different things to her questions...typical.
Grabbed my check, stopped by a toy store, bought a "General Grievous energy beam blaster gun" ..( yah, my first purchase was more starwars toys..) dropped by to see Brian, had a beer and a smoke...then headed off into one crazy snowstorm drive home. It took me almost 3 hours to get home. Red kept phoning me on the drive terrified I was gonna die on the highway...I told her I was fine, except when the phone rings and I have to take my hands off the wheel to answer it.. LOL.

Man this cheque looks nice.. I'll take a pic of it when my camera batteries are charged...
Gotta thank Dave again for the day off.

I was REALLY nervous about asking for another day off at work...didnt want to chance Dave would be "grumpy" in the morning...and I've seen how he react's when you ask first thing in the I wasnt gonna chance it...
so I waited 3 hours to ask. When I finally got up the nerve...I walked in to his office and said.."Uh, dave...I kinda really need the day off tomorrow, Its really important."
Then he looks at me, leans back in his chair and says...
" Why?
So you can get interviewed by the Caledonia paper for your Giraffe video?"
My jaw dropped and my eyes kinda bugged out....I didnt know what to say.
Apparently he was looking for the giraffe video, and came here to the blog to find it. And then he came across my last post about the reporter and how I was going to ask for the next day off.
He said he'd been waiting for me to ask all morning. LOL
Obviously ...he said yes. :]
Its nice having a cool boss.

Keep your fingers crossed for us...
It'd be awsome if Reds gets picked too...It makes me laugh to watch it.

think good thoughts for us...
its only 2 more weeks till the grand prize is annouced.

Which falls on our 5 month wedding anniversary.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

More FIghting a GIraffe news

Well, Red and Jonny drive home tonight after a long cold day at work...and theres a call from the local paper...asking if they can do an interview with Jonny.
They want to put a picture and an interview in next weeks paper! LOL.. omg.
I hope Jonny can get the time off work for this. Its gonna sound a little weird asking for the time off. But Dave is pretty cool about things....most of the time. :P
Last time we checked, the video has been seen Eight thousand times.
Everyone cross your fingers and think good thought for Jonny to win the grand prize. Which will be held on our 5 month wedding anniversary.
Pretty cool. Sounds like a good sign to me!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Tetes a claques

This is the funniest french website/ show ever

.... Red absolutly LOVES this heres' a few we found on youtube.

Friday, January 19, 2007

What a great day

We've had a great day....well couple of days...
Red and I have been celebrating every 16th since we got married....
( on the 16th of sept if you dont remember :P )
We went out for dinner....@ Lime ridge mall for Reds favorite Mall Dinner.
Cheese pasta and Salad....done exactly the way Red loves it the most.
Then after Red ate all she could eat.....We bought the movie that Jonny got his nik name from....:"The Wild One"
( with Marlon Brando...
" Hey Jonny, what are you Rebelling against?"
I dunno..what do ya got?
love that movie.

Anyways, Jonny entered a radio contest on the suggestion of our friend Tina. 102.1 had a contest to enter a video and win a 1000$ then ultimately 5000$. So Jonny entered ....waited all week for the annoucement on Friday morning. Jonny stood by the radio waiting...then they said his name. Jonny then began screaming at the top of his lungs...everyone thought he'd hurt himself at first..untill they saw how happy he was...all the guys gathered around the radio and listened as the radio guy did a play by play of what was going on in the video. Everyone congradulated him, shook his hand and all that. Jonny phoned up Red....and very calmly said....of yah, and I won that contest. Red screamed soo was at a pitch that only dogs can hear. She was so happy and excited it almost made Jonny cry. Jonny phoned up a few more people to tell them..Like Megan and his grandmother. The radio station said his name all day long...and talked about the video... IT was bizarre
That night, they grabbed a bottle of wine and stayed home, talking on the phone to all our friends.... Michelle called, Tina called....Brian called....Jonny phoned Matt... Jonny called his mom, but she wasnt home.....(and still hasnt called back)...all and all It was a great night. We pick up the check sometime next week.
cross your fingers for Jonny to win the 5000$

Heres a few pix we took before sleep.
one We took tonight
with Melmin
the Giraffe.

We won 1000$

YEs thats right...Red and Jonny have won ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!
Jonny submitted that Fighting a Giraffe viddie into a radio contest, and he won !

Winning this now enters him into the final contest of winning $ 5000. Keep your fingers crossed.

Thanks to Tina for telling us about the contest!
Thanks to Brian for the encouragement!
Thanks to MOM for the Giraffe!!! LOL!
Thanks to Carol for reading our blog !
Yah you Carol Stubbert!

Its been a great day...will post more about the story later.