Thursday, November 09, 2006

Reason number 133700555 why I love my wife.

One day at work..

showed up for lunch....

She looked upset and shaken.

I asked her
"are you okay baby? whats wrong>? you look upset."
Red looked at me with those eyes..
"We need to get into the car " she said.

I was a lil scared.....
cuz I saw how upset she was...
I held her hand as we walked out to the car ,
got in
and started it up.

" Honey, are you okay?" I asked.

" I hit a butterfly .....on the way to get you, I hit a butterfly.
We should go back and see if its okay." she said.
Red looked as if she was about to cry.
She might as well have hit a child at a cross walk on the first day of school in her mind.

It was the first thing she had killed with our car.
Our car had killed before.
with an
absence of malice.
I didnt wake up one morning intent on killing a gopher.

and yet...
I killed a gopher one morning on the way to work.

"ok baby" I said, as I started the car.
"lets go find it"

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