Sunday, October 22, 2006

We met that "English Guy with the Travel show


we got up early on Sunday..


and went outside for a walk
hoping to find the CBC building
cuz , well...
We wanted to see it.... :P
Anyway, we couldnt find the CBC building...
or atleast it wasnt where I thought it was...and since it was raining, we ducked into the Mountain equiptment Co-op to dry off and look for water purifiers for our Incase of emergency kitt.
And we see that

"English Guy with the cool funny travel show.."

So we stood in line and talked to him.
why not eh?
Alot of people told him how inspiring he was to them or their kids..and apparently he had a lecture/show the other night alot of people in line had seen. Well, Red had never seen his show, and I couldnt remeber his name, even though I've been watchin him on TV for about 10 years. Its Ian Write
So when we got up to him, we noticed he had a Wellingtons T-shirt on. And I Said
" Hey! thats the beer that was on tap at our wedding"
Then he talked about how the brewery gave him a whole bunch of cases to him last night, and he drank tons of it, and was amazed that it didnt give him a hangover.
He said its a great beer!
we all laughed.
Then he asked "if we saw the show last night?"
Red said No, sorry we didnt"
then I said
" Well actually we saw the new Terry Gilliam movie last night Tideland" instead.
and he said,
"no kidding!?!? is that out yet? how is it?"
We gave his our short review, told him how we read the book...but it was spot on to the book, and actually added alot the the over all story.

We took a few pictures with him,
why not eh?and since he was short like us...we took the last one crouched a little to make him look taller.
He appreciated it alot...
He was signing some postcard size prints of some of his paints and drawings, he nver takes a camera on his trips, just a sketch book...his work is alot like Chagals...So we asked him to sign it. " Red and Jonny, I owe it all to You! "
He did...He's a great guy, with good sence of humour and laughs alot.
Good people.

Then we walked up to the eaton center and had our favorite dish from Jimmy the Greek. The Spinich pie with salad,rice and potato. We took our usual pictures of each-other in mid cheww.

fun day.

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