Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Three days till the WEDDING!?!?!?!?!

Sorry long time no post...things are crazy++ Running around last minute details...
Reds off, Jonny's working, so its hard to co-ordinate the car and things to get done.

Nana, Jonny's Gramma has been in the Hospital the past few night, she was feeling a little winded, so she went in for tests....She's Fine, and is amazing the doctors everyday. She's the 7th daughter of a 7th daughter, born on the moors of yorkshire England, tough as nails... The Germans couldnt kill her, so she'll be damned if a lil shortness of breath will stop her from doing what she wants....and I'll be you her biggest motivation to get out of there.....is she's missing Corronation street.
Everyone think good thoughts for her.

Jonny had his bachelor party last weekend with his best man and a couple of good friends he knows from his Quake3 (internet game) days...
they got together and had an
absinthe soaked evening of debauchery.
No details..
what happens at a bachelor party, stays at a bachelour party. ;]
( Though Jonny cant keep any kind of secret from Red...so she knows...)

We have a few crucial details to get done....kinda stressfull....but all will be fun.

Cant wait to have everyone dancing...we're really looking forward to the dancing.

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