Friday, September 29, 2006

Mr and Mrs. Evans are back

Hello...we're baaaaaaaack. :]

Honey moon was great.
We slept alot..
watched some great movies:
Julien Donkey Boy,
Dancer in the Dark,
Hung the art in the house, it looks so great in the frames.
Its helped us both to see our work framed and hanging.
We've already refined alot of ideas, and are looking at our work in a new light and confidence.

The wedding seems like a dream now, glad we took our camera, otherwise its hard to believe it happened. Wow!++

If anyone out there has pix of the wedding, please email them to us..... Or just email to say you have some:

Our addy is: ( take out the word "no spam" in the email addy. There are internet bots and proggies that scam blogs for email addies and then spam them. The no spam addition throws a monkey wrench in their inter-cyber-net-web...)

please send us all and any pictures you have...we want them. PLEASE.

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