Sunday, August 27, 2006

Einri Christening

Yah yah, I know, Im slow on the posting....

We're down to the wire now, so its work, home, make the favours, frame the art, finish some of it ( or Start it :P ) frame it, bed, sleep..repeat.

Last week end was Einri's christening. It was held in the field where Dana and Joel were married. The Quarters were opened by Red, the cerimony was performed by Dana.
After cerimony, the quarters were closed and the placenta buried.. we went back to Mamma Marions house for drinks, snack, gifts and chat.

On the way...Jonny Bought a copy of "Ulysses by James Joyce" ..and began to read it that day...( Its as thick of a phone book) we'll see how long it takes to finish it. Michael was rather jealous...since he hasnt read it either.

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