Saturday, July 08, 2006

Dress Shopping day with the Watson clan mothers

<---( this is a picture I took of them out front of our favorite dress shop)

Today I went wedding dress shopping with my future mother-in-law, future grandmother-in-law and future awsome chick cousin-in-law megan
( shes funny and an artist like us).
We went to three dress shops and tried tons of dresses. I had a really great time. We had lunch over-looking the lake, We had cesar salads tea and coffees, Then a moment of forehadowing!, We saw newly weds having their pictures done. I took it as a sign that everything is going at the right pace...We talked over wedding and shower plans. Its going to be a hawiian theme. Theres even going to be a limbo contest, I promised that jonnny would look for hawiian music.... We all like one perticual dress the best...So we went back to the store to look at it again... I can't include a picture of it since Jonny CAN'T see it. I can't wait to see his face! It was a great day with Jonnies 3 favorite woman.

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