Saturday, June 24, 2006


Today was a great day. We ate mexican , and some vietnam food.
The avacado shakes were not as good as other avacado shakes we've had..... We think they put milk in them.
( Jonny does not drink milk of any kind. The thought of drinking milk from any animal makes him sick,....Red only likes goats milk, for cereal.)

We found a great crinoline, a huge puffy white one, apparently shipped from texas...or somewhere thats near texas....It sounded like it was close to texas....maybe nashville...I dunno. ask red.
We spent the rest of the day looking at Fred Perry shops and getting a good lens cover and cap.
We dropped by Brians shop and gave him his invite, He doesnt "need one" since he's known since day one when we're gett'n married, and he's meh best man, but we made it official....We were hoping to hang out with him, but he had plans.
we went out for Pho,
dropped off an invite to old friend Jesse and his fiance Jen...
( Jesse knew Jonny back when he was 15 and had a mohawk and hung out at a theater that showed the Rockey Horror picture show every friday....They went every friday for 2-3 years....yah, the same movie for 3 years...)
and then we drove home.
We bought some bootlegg flicks on the street...
We got Nacho Libre, Cars, and Over the Hedge. 3 for 10 dolla!
We saw the same street vedors getting arrested as we drove past them 10 minutes later. The cop seemed to be lecturing the whole crowd.
We also bought some flicks from a Legitimate viddie store:
Delicatessen ( french)
The football Factory ( British)..( One of Jonny's fave books). they were far from 3 for 15$..but we wanted to see these flicks for a long time...and its very hard to find a decent french film..or any french film in caledonia.

We watched Nacho Libre tonight...and laughed harder than we have in a long long time.... .
Its the funniest movies we've seen all year... 10/10

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