Saturday, May 27, 2006

MAY 27 O6

Jonny and his mom at the entrance.

Red and jonny's mom looking at the lower dinner area///

Red and jonnys mom in the lower dining area.

Red in the art room.
Obviously Casting a Symbiotic spell.

Jonny and his mom by the big fire place
in the upper hall.

Red and Jonny's mom checking out the bar in
the upper hall. It has a proper stock of scotch. :]

Very old stained glass window from some great
cathedral..... that red and jonny
will be married under.

shot of the upper hall as you enter the building.

Red and the entrance to the hall where
we are to be married.

Its a really cool place, and in sept.
It will be even more beautiful with
the forests around it in full bloom.

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