Friday, August 22, 2008

Had my interview today

So yah... Had my interview for the senior position at work today. I was a little nervous. ... But when my name was called... I just repeated in my head... "You are awesome". over and over again in my head... so by the time I walked into the room...
I WAS awesome. I did great. A room of six people who usually intimidate the shit out of me... They asked me 2 questions each. I Charmed the hell out of them... Got a lot of those "I'm impressed " nods at my answers and had them all laughing more than a few times. I did great. I did fucking awesome.

If I don't get the job... It wasnt because of my interview.

I WILL get this job.
I am telling myself this in my head... tell it in your head to.

This is my new theme song for the day:

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