Monday, August 25, 2008

Being married is awesome

WOw... We had an awesome time this weekend. .
Check our flickr page for all our photo's:
So many people recognized us.. we lost count.
It was so weird to have people come right up to us and ask...
It just floor us...Last year, there were a few people who called us the flickr people.. Now people know us by name. It was AWESOME. People walking right up to our faces.. or tapping us on the shoulders...or calling out to us in a crowd and running up to us.
One guy... His name was Shaun.. said he came to the fanexpo specifically hoping to meet us. Said he was a huge fan...and said he had one of Reds photos bikini photos as his desktop wallpaper for over 6 months.
LOL. crazy eh?
Our first stalker!
LOL.. kidding.
He was a
really nice guy.

So many people took photos of us it was insane. Every time we stopped for someone to take a photo... ten other people run up and take one too. Sometimes there were crowds of them... It was dizzying. We barely got to look at anything the whole time we were there... We felt like movie stars... It was just insane. We went there with Megan, Mike and Jake. But I guess they got sick of waiting for us to getting our photos taken all the time.. So they ditched us. Red forgot her purse, which had her cell phone and our phone book.. So we coulnt call Roz or Mazda to meet up with them. We kept looking for them... but we couldnt find them. That really sucked.. We really wanted to hang out with both of them. Especially since we asked them to go to fanexpo to meet up with us.
We walked around over and over again in costume...looking for them... Hoping they would recognize us but couldnt see them anywhere.

At one point... We were just standing in a crowd watching a booth hold a costume contest... And some of these people had great costumes, they worked really hard on them. When the person conducting the contest asks us.." Are you in?" We nod..sure ok... And we won!.. LOL.. We felt so bad. But we won a cool pillow with a skull on it. Then Red won a bunch of DVD's for a horror "scream" contest.
There were lots of famous people there... I shook hands with Edward James Olmos. Told him he was awesome in blade runner.
He said "Oh?..thanks!..laughed and kept walking..." I guess it kinda threw him off.. Since he was there cuz he's famous now for being in the new Battlestar Gallactica TV show.

But best of all..
We ran into Henry Winkler...
"The Fonz!"

I can't even tell you how sweet and nice he was. It sounds so cliche but its true. He is the sweetest man I ever met. He asked us about our outfits...We told him we are about to celebrate our 2 wedding anniversary... and he stood with us for a photo. All the stars at the convention charge about 30$ for an autograph and meet and greet ...he stood with us for free, shook our hands, said congradualtions. Told Red she was absolutly beautiful and shook my hand again and told me I was a lucky man..

That was pretty cool man.

The Fonz thinks my wife is hot.

We stayed at the Fairmont royal york hotel for the weekend. WOW. It was like staying at a resort. It was so amazing just to be able to walk freely in that building. Lots of obviously very rich people walking around; but it was great to see a few other Geeks in full costume walking around too. The pool was awesome... Red's favorite part. We had a good swim after our first day.. and then one right after we woke up... before we went back to the convention center on Sunday. We took some really great photo's of us all over the lobby and the mezzanine.
Check our flickr page:
Fairmont Royal york photo's

All in all ... It was a fantastic Weekend. It's so funny that we're like mini celebraties to some people. And they were soo happy to meet us and shake our hands and tell us they loved us. We would be standing at a booth and people would say.. " I heard you guys were here.. I've been looking for you all day! " It was so cool.
All cuz of an inside joke Red and I started on our honeymoon.

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  1. Sean here, apologies for sounding like such a freak. I remember saying to my fiance afterwards, "oh dear, I'm think I came across a bit strong". EEP! So, thanks for the disclaimer saying I was nice and congrats on the CBC thing!