Monday, November 05, 2007

How to make my mother in law cry

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  1. Anonymous10:02 PM

    I live in that room. Lately I am feeling as if I am within a tight space that does not allow me to see the people whom I hold so dear in my heart. So what do we live for if not for that? What good do I do if I miss these people so much every day and most of them are really not that far away from me? I guess it's called melancholy.
    It is true that some believe that the capacity of heaven and hell is finite and given that we in the end of days there is a possibility of nothingness. Now that would be the epitome of aloneness.
    I think of people who have gone before me when I hear this song. I truely miss them. Some days it is a phyical ache in the gut when I think that I can only remember their voices and the look of them. I worry about my memory fraying at the edges and not being able to remember the sound of their voices. I also think of Dana and Denise and that I want to be the hand that reaches out to touch them when they pass. Since people talk about their mothers at that time I have a hope for that.
    Love you both very much.