Saturday, May 26, 2007

May 25 1977

i've moved around alot in my life, but never out of ontario. i was 6 when i first saw starwars, and yes i still remember it quite vividly. my parents were just starting their divorce, so my Brother and i were taken to alot of movies...we always chose starwars.

when i was young, my mother encouraged me to read by promising to buy me a starwars figure for every book i read....i've always thanked my mom for that, because i love to read to this day, i have quite a library of my own today...unfortunatly none of my starwars figures made i said, we moved around alot, so my toys tended to get lost in the shuffle..

when empire strikes back came out, my parents were officially divorced from each other. the weekend visits of either my mom or dad again included movies, i swear i saw empire strikes back every weekend for a year, that christmas , my grandmother bought me the greatest present that could ever be given......the millennium falcon.
my hand stayed glued to that landing arm for a whole year. i loved my millennium falcon, funny enough there's only one picture of it from my childhood, me at my grandmothers house, dressed like a moron, it was my mothers idea......

somehow, along the way, the falcon was lost .
then, 3 years ago at a garage sale, at the bottom of a box of junk toys...there it was...same year as mine, beatiful condition, i asked how mauch the lady wanted for it..
she said..." i dunno..........2 bucks? "
my head literally blew off my shoulders as i handed her the money......then started running around her lawn with my hand on the landing arm, like i did when i was a kid.
return of the jedi came out while my mom was in university. my brother and i went to see movies on our own by then....movies only cost two dollars to see....everyday.....we saw jedi so many times it was ridiculous.

the cool local theater ran all three movies for about a
month back to back so we had the dialouge down pact..
me more so than my brother, because i still have knack for movie quoting to this day
we had lightsabre battles on the front lawn, taking turns on who would be han solo or luke skywalker...
we use too turn refridgerator boxes into the millenium falcon and x-wing fighters.

Now that I'm older, I have found the perfect companion to share my love for Starwars with. I didnt force it upon her...infact I hid my massive collection of toys from her for quite a while...till I casually said one day.." hey, wanna see a movie?" ... When red announced that she theought they were great and totally loved them. Then I said...well honey, I have some things I'd like to show you. Red then saw ridiculous amount of starwars toys I owned. Then EP3 was about to come out...and Red became a woman posessed. She conned every store she could find out of their hard to get promotional material. In a few months Red had doubled the collection..with very hard to get stuff...(obviously using the old Jedi Mind trick)

At our wedding, after our vows, when it was time to walk down the isle..we walked under 2 master replica lightsabers to the sound of The starwars theme...
It was the greatest....proudest day of my life.

I love Red.

And I like starwars too.

Happy birthday starwars!!

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