Saturday, March 24, 2007

It was a long week.

Left a long day/week of work.... It was one of those weeks that seemed to last a month. Every day was a week, every hour was a day.

So happy to be home.

( and in time for Corrie :P )
Jonny stopped by the store and bought some memory foam and a new Pillow......and....a cast Iron frying pan.!
How did this happen?!?
REd had the day off..Jonny had the car to himself all day. S0 on his lunch and after work he searched for all the things Red had been mentioning in conversation over the past week.....How the bed needed a new foam layer....and that she didnt like her Pillow anymore...and well; She's always wanted the cast iron frying pan.

Robins sit in the tree outside our window.

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