Sunday, November 26, 2006

Clean living room

Our very clean living room.

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  1. Anonymous11:35 AM

    Oh MY GAWD!!!
    Love the clean up and bad Momma won't say, renovation. I have my messy rooms and they are spread over a big house that I certainly don't have time to clean let alone spend a lot of time in any particular room.
    Love the shelving along the wall.
    Wish I could Michael to explore the concept of shelves. As you know we have stacks of books in the study that have been waiting for shelves for years. I could have glued them all together and he wouldn't notice for years yet.
    I have also told him that one day he will come home and find an eviction notice on the priesthole. That's my space in my study and it's full of his books!!! This sort of thing only adds to my guilt when I go to a book sale and have to make several trips to drag them all home. I have taken to piling the latest ones in front of the television in the hopes that he will get the message that I need space for my art books. So far I haven't moved him or the books.