Thursday, October 05, 2006

Mr and Mrs Evans return

Hi everyone!

We're watcing "Lost"...our favorite tv show. Season 3 started off great. ITs gonnna be fun having another show to watch besides our staple program. Corronation Street. Looks like Dev's got his boy now...the other one must be a girl, and I bet sunita is gonna give him another chance for a bit, but then Dev will blow it by paying too much attention to the boy and she'll kick him out again.
And when is Franky gonna kick Carol out of her house? WTF!?!? is she putting up with her still?

We opened a myspace page today.
Our friend "Mel" or as I call her..." The CrAZY LADY told us she had a myspace page. Just as we were about to laugh at how she'd finally sold out, and was so trendy freak like.
two seperate moments coincide.
Red's friend from a million years ago... Marc popped up outta nowhere and said hi and sent us his myspace page, so we made one too cuz it seemed like a sign from God or Ramtha,
(and then we looked at each other and paused for a brief moment......
we felt bad for all the things we thought about Mel, and were glad we didnt do them, and feel like we should appauligize, but then we remembered that she doesnt know what we thought. So we decide together we wont phone and tell her cuz to even explain it would hurt her feelings.)

We're gonna make Mel and Marc our myspace friends.

Which are the best friends of all!!

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