Sunday, June 18, 2006


Up early today, Got to find out why Shelly said "No!" at the alter, and what Charlies gonna do!
( On Corronation Street-our favorite show) Yes we're pretty big Corrie fans, we watch it religiously.. Probably gonna go see mom later. Reds finishing up the french invites..yes they've taken longer than expected...but theyre worth it.
Going to go get our marriage licence on tuesday, then meet a minister... then at 3:00..
ENGLAND vs Sweden. !!!! We're gonna watch it at our local pub, have a pint and some fries.
Our car now has 2 Englad flags. LOL. We know how crazy we look, since we see so many other nutcase's driving around with 2 flags on their cars.
Looks like we're gonna get a DJ too, we had hoped to do the music ourselves, but its going to be alot of work to do on a day we just want to relax as much as my mom's found a DJ from a wedding she went to recently, and said she likes, so i think we'll go meet them soon and discuss the music. I hope they suppply a light system as well...I'd really like a disco ball..If they dont have one, I may phone around to rental shops for one.
'OOPs, Corries just started ...gotta go.

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